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Refresh Boston returns with its first event of 2012 featuring designer, instructor and speaker Patrick Haney, who will discuss productivity, process and GTD.

Getting Shit Done

Design and development is a lifestyle choice for many of us, but that doesn't mean we don't want to get out and enjoy the other things in life. When most of your day is spent on trivial tasks rather than productive work, it's time to evaluate your process and improve it. In this talk, Patrick Haney will show you how to focus your work day, reduce time spent on the crap you don't enjoy, and help you Get Shit Done. He'll talk about the tools and resources you can use to speed up your process, how to find the right routine for you, and when to unplug and get away from your computer.

About the Speaker

Patrick Haney is not a sausage. He's the Lead Designer at Litmus, a small company based in Cambridge that helps make your email campaigns more successful by making sure they look good and get results. In his spare time he designs and builds things at Hanerino, teaches at the CDIA, and organizes events for Refresh Boston.

Our Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors for making these events happen. To Microsoft for hosting us in their fantastic NERD Center space. And a special thanks to Litmus for providing pizzas for attendees.

Official Website: http://refreshboston.org/rsvp/

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