1210 Mount Royal
Baltimore, Maryland

We are a community of web-developers and designers who meet once a month to share ideas related to our industry. Our goal is to educate each other with new ideas so that we can help refresh the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

We are in the process of setting everything up for Tuesday September 9th at 6:30pm at MICA, at Student Center 1210 Mount Royal Art Tech 103.

Interactive map:

This is the Google map:

The next meeting will feature a presentation by Samantha Warren on the ever-changing topic of typography and the role it plays on the web.

This Month's Sponsor :

nclud is a creative web design agency comprised of highly talented and extremely experienced industry consultants located in Washington, DC.

Car Pooling
People are asking about carpooling from DC, if you are interesting in carpooling, feel free to post in the comments. Maybe you can sync up with other.

Official Website: http://www.refreshbmore.org/

Added by bmsterling on August 8, 2008



I am so there.


Martin that's easy for you to say... you're already going to be there!

javie rios

Will see you all there, been a while for me. But will enjoy seeing everyone again. Sterling thank you for keeping this going!


Is this meeting open to everyone? This is a topic i`m interested and wanna learn more about and would love to attend.


@Miha007 yes, this is open to all, feel free to come and bring your friends.


Sounds interesting. See you all there!


Anyone else want to carpool from DC, leave around 5 PM?


@jacobboomer I know a few folks up in dupont who could probably stand a ride ;)


@dan.drinkard I have room for three other people besides myself. Would that work for you all?


@jacobboomer I'll take you up on that offer as well!

javie rios

Look forward to meeting all you coming tonight. Looks to be like a great outcome and fantastic speaker Samantha. I would like to thank her and our sponsor this month Nclud. See some of the Nclud team will be coming.


I have to cancel due to being sick. Hoping to make the next one!


looking forward to it ;)


Argh. Had to undo my affirmative RSVP. Migraines suck (in case anyone was wondering).


@robwilkerson that sucks, we'll see ya next month then.


It was a great time tonight, thanks to nclud, Samantha Warran and Mica/Kevin/Christine.