6th & Brazos
Austin, Texas

We're really excited about the October meeting! Alex has lined up some fantastic presenters, who will speak on the following topics:

Who are these people?! Bridging the gap between developers and communicators
Jenn and Hayes Davis

It often seems like developers and communicators (like designers, writers and marketers) are speaking two very different languages. It can be difficult to effectively communicate ideas and requirements across the gap between these two groups. This session aims to create some mutual understanding to help improve communication and narrow that gap. We want to facilitate a conversation that gets both sides talking about what they want to know about the other side, as well as what they'd like the other side to know about them.

Some of the questions we will address include:

  • Why do developers do things the way they do?

  • Why do designers, writers and other communicators think the way they do?

  • How can developers and designers communicate more effectively with each other?

  • Is there any common ground?

  • How can we better communicate technical topics to a nontechnical audience?

How to write JavaScript without losing your mind
Andrew Dupont

Andrew will talk about the tools he uses to debug JavaScript, including an in-depth look at Firebug and a discussion about how to diagnose and circumvent common frustrations and browser bugs.

After the meeting, head to the bar downstairs for their Tuesday specials: half-price appetizers, and dollar-off select drafts, well drinks, and house wines.

Official Website: http://www.refreshaustin.org

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