6th & Brazos
Austin, Texas

IE 8 in Depth

Christian Thilmany from Microsoft will discuss the release of IE 8 and what it means to us as Web professionals. In addition to the new browser, Christian is happy to cover other topics in which you may be interested, such as Silverlight or Microsoft's cloud computing efforts.

Christian is ready for a wide array of questions and is knowledgeable about a range of issues. He's also realistic about the frustrations that many of us have experienced with previous versions of Internet Explorer and should be able to answer more in-depth issues around the new browser. Plus he's local and has recently joined Refresh.

If you have questions or particular areas that you would like to cover, please send them to Alex so we can compile them and Christian can research any answers that he may not know off the top of his head.

Official Website: http://www.refreshaustin.org

Added by lllevesque on November 3, 2008