6th & Brazos
Austin, Texas

200s, 304s, HTTP Compression, And You
Mark Phillip will cover YSlow-esque principles around caching, using Last-Modified and Expired headers, and efficient ways to publish APIs."

Design Roundtable: Steal What Works: Examples of Good Design
Alex Jones will start a discussion that highlights five to ten examples of interfaces, crafty design touches or brilliant interactions found on the Web. We need samples, so if you have a minute and know of a good example, please e-mail Alex (alex [at] silverspider [dot] com) with a couple pieces of information:
- URL of the page that the example appears
- A description of the example, especially describing how it can be recreated
- Two or three bullet points as to why you like it.

Can't make the meeting? That's okay, you can still send a suggestion - we'll post all of them on the Refresh Austin site after the meeting.

Official Website: http://www.refreshaustin.org

Added by lllevesque on May 19, 2008