6th & Brazos
Austin, Texas

Translating Google Analytics Data Into Marketing Metrics
Presented by Chad Brustin

Are you having difficulty making sense of all the data contained in your website report? In this presentation we will make the connection between website data and marketing goals. We will share a variety of goals to help you create a dashboard for monitoring your site and making ‘data driven’ updates. We will also look at a few good ‘off the shelf’ tools that can help you make better sense of the data including: goal creation, custom reports.

Kickstarting User Experience: Tools and Practices
Presented by Alex Jones

The term “user experience” is bandied about a lot these days, and while every aspect of Web sites and apps have an impact on the experience, it can be hard to plan ahead if you don’t know the tools that are available. We’ll cover the general concepts of the process I use when working on a new project and discuss alternate methods and tools throughout. As we wrap up the presentation, we’ll cover useful methods for integrating the process into development cycles and how to balance the needs of the user with those of the business.

Official Website: http://www.refreshaustin.org

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