304 W 4th St, Austin, TX
Austin, Texas 78701

First meetup for Refresh Austin. No location determined at this time.

Tentatively set the event location to The Ginger Man, please let me know if you'd prefer another location.

Added by justinperkins on February 8, 2006



Is this meeting really scheduled for 7am?


Oops, thanks :)


Hey Justin - Thanks for pinging me about the Refresh group. Count me in on the meeting.


I'm super interested! So, is the meeting at 7311 Decker Lane? Is that your house?


no, I don't know what that's all about. The venue I selected just said "(Austin)", I picked it b/c we didn't have a venue yet.


Updated the venue to a *real* location, please let me know if you think this won't meet our needs (I love the place).


Hey, that works for me. I like Kelsey's idea about gathering with other Refreshers during SXSW.


I'm down with The Ginger Man, no question. Well, I'm a little worried about noise level, but on a Monday night at 7pm there should be plenty of space outside, where it's a little quieter. Any agenda for the meetup, or are we hoping that the beer will guide us?


This first meeting is going to be pretty loose and frisky, if that's ok with everyone. I think the library might be a better place for future meetings though, were we can have presentations and such.


This explains it best: refreshingcities.org