208 Rigsbee Avenue
Durham, North Carolina 27701

Earlier this year, feeling overwhelmed by all the new technology filling the pages of his favorite tech blogs, David decided to commit himself to spending an hour with a new technology every day for a month. In this talk, he'll share his experiences and explore the nature of motivation and what it takes to stay ahead of the programming curve. You can read about the project at http://techmonth.tumblr.com.

David Eisinger is a senior web developer at Viget Labs (http://www.viget.com). He specializes in Ruby on Rails, javascript, and RESTful web services.

Official Website: http://www.refreshthetriangle.org

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Emily Bloom

The meeting will be at Rigsbee Hall (208 Rigsbee Ave. in Durham) - two doors down from Viget Labs. Rigsbee Hall is wheelchair accessible and also awesome.

Come join us!