202 Rigsbee Ave, 2nd Floor
Durham, North Carolina 27701

This is not a talk about sunset meetings or debriefs. It’s a talk about spending sweet, aimless, one-on-one time with your medium. Beck will speak about why she thinks it’s important to reflect on your work, the tools and systems she uses to facilitate “productive” contemplation, and what she's found to be most challenging and rewarding in her efforts. Beck Tench is a simplifier, illustrator, story teller and 
technologist. Formally trained as a graphics designer at the 
University of North Carolina’s School of Journalism and Mass
 Communication, she has spent her career elbow deep in web work of all 
sorts – from the knowledge work of information architecture and design 
to the hands dirty work of writing code and testing user experiences.
 Currently, she serves as Director for Innovation and Digital
 Engagement at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC where she
 studies and experiments with how visitors and staff use technology to
 plan, enhance and share their everyday lives.

Official Website: http://www.refreshthetriangle.org

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Mindy Wagner

This topic really interests me, looking forward to it!