Washington Building, 324 Blackwell Street, Suite 410
Durham, North Carolina 27701

The future of data is more uncertain than ever – traditional, server-based relational databases are being assaulted from all sides, by document-oriented databases and other forces, and by HTML5 and client-side storage. Come and learn about these attacks on the status quo, and maybe we can all bring peace to the database landscape, together.

At Viget Labs, Ben builds Rails applications for Web 2.0 startups (for the past four years, exclusively in Ruby and Rails). He's spoken at a number of conferences on Ruby, Rails, and programming in general, and is the author of Practical REST on Rails 2 Projects (from Apress).

Official Website: http://www.refreshthetriangle.org

Added by peytoncrump on September 16, 2009



Hey everybody, in case you've never been to Bronto's office before... park in the South Deck (on Willard - near the corner of Blackwell). The Bay 4 door is right next to Tyler's.


Well damn, I was really looking forward to this, but finally realized I'll be out of town for a client meeting.


Hey, I just heard from Bronto that the doors at ATC are locked at 6:00... they will have someone hang out to open the door for folks from 6:15 -6:45. So, don't be late! Or if you are later than 645, maybe text a friend inside to come let you in?


Sounds like a great talk!

@jacksonfox, sorry to hear you can't make it man, it's been too long since we hung out

If anyone gets locked out you can ping me at adam (@t) bronto.corn