334 Blackwell Street (American Tobacco Campus)
Durham, North Carolina 27701

The web isn't what it used to be: with advanced browsers and powerful Javascript frameworks like jQuery, websites deliver user experiences that rival those of traditional desktop software. Nathan Huening, Director of Web Development at OnWired, will share the nuts and bolts of jQuery and how you can use it to build rich, professional interfaces. It's easy! No programming experience required ... and feel free to bring your laptop since you can expect live, hands-on examples. To participate, you'll need a copy of Firefox with the Firebug extension installed.

Official Website: http://www.refreshthetriangle.org

Added by peytoncrump on April 17, 2008



I just double checked ... there's no Bulls game that night, so parking at American Tobacco should be easy!


Plus, no Viget peeps either, so that's a few more spots... :(