256 Grand St, Williamsburg
Brooklyn, New York

Once again the Festival cometh, once again the Redder represent-eth. Ours is the power and the glory! There will be giveaways, lusty cheerleaders, and free drinks! On Friday, September 16th, there will be rock and roll (i.e. indie rock, punk rock, art rock, noise rock, pop rock, cock rock, folk rock, rock rock) from both coasts and the middle, too, converging in one awesome Brooklyn bar. Redder Records and you, together, will make it awesome.

Unique Chique (Chicago)
Kalpana (Brooklyn)
Tiny Amps (Boston)
Kind of Like Spitting (Portland)
BLING KONG (Brooklyn)
The Bon Savants (Boston)

@ TRASH BAR, 256 Grand Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Open Bar for both tickets and badges until 10 PM!

Only $8! (the price of a Guinness in Manhattan)

See you at 7:00 pm!