302 Broome St. Between Eldridge and Forsythe St.
New York City, New York

Hosted by Audacia Ray
Happy Ending, 302 Broome Street between Forsyth and Eldridge, in New York City
Doors at 7 pm, reading from 8-10
21 and up – FREE

15% of the bar tab supports Dirty Girl Zine

Starring: Dominick, Izzy Oneiric, Hawk Kincaid, Miss Darling, and Sequoia Redd.

Hawk Kinkaid is a well-known secret. Living in New York, writing when he isn’t exploring social psychology, art direction and clutter reduction. Known by other names in various cities like Zach, Alec, and Abel, he is an outspoken sexworker activist, supporter and organizer (founder of the HOOK program). His work has appeared in sundry literary publications and spoken word/poetry collections. Mostly, he just disappears a lot. More information is available at http://www.lethalwhitetrash.com.

Izzy Oneiric’s writing has appeared in nearly twenty print and online publications such as South Loop Review, Wheelhouse Magazine,Opium, and Comet, and has been anthologized in Magic Mushrooms and Other Highs: From Toad Slime to Ecstasy, and It’s All Good. She is the author of the chapbooks Dabbling in Babylon, and From the Bombshell Shelter. For several years she was the poetry editor of othermagazine.

‘Dominick’ found his confessional voice as a regular at Dean Johnson’s ‘Reading for Filth’ series. Dominick draws on his own diaries kept during his three year stint as a sex worker, delving into such topics as his lost sugar daddy, the evolution of his dominant guido persona, the digital transformation of the sex industry, eighties music, ass health- and of course, the johns, in all their splendor. Since retiring from sex work, Dominick walks among civilians in NYC’s real estate industry- where the art of the sell is supreme. Dominick lives on the far West Side with his very understanding boyfriend.

Miss Darling is a cubicle-working, “productive member of society” by day and a sex worker by night (and weekends). By being involved with almost every form of online and in-person pay-for-play since 2008, she has been exploring her own sexuality by allowing others to pay her to explore theirs. Besides tantalizing the masses for a living, she is an activist, a staunch feminist, shoe whore, perpetual supporter of underdogs and an avid baker.
Living in sin and New Jersey along with her dashing partner in crime, Mr. Darling, she dreams of saving the world one orgasm at a time. http://allthingsdarling.com

Sequoia Redd is a 20 something sex worker, traveler kid, public masturbator, witch and self proclaimed dirty girl. Her one degree is in touching people aka “massage therapy”. She is an aspiring activist in the areas of environmentalism and sex worker rights. She believes there are many paralells between how society regards nature to its attitudes towards sexuality and sex workers. Originally wanting to be an escort and then ending up as a performer in mainstream porn to stripping and webcamming to finally escorting, she’s figured out that most of the exploitation and violence that goes on in the industry is due to lack of community and knowledge within the scene and lack of empowerment for the workers. Inspired by this realization, she’s looking to be apart of building visible sex worker community in her native South Florida. http://sequoiaredd.com

Official Website: http://www.redumbrellaproject.com/january-6-dirty-tricks/

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