18th Street and Dolores Street
San Francisco, California

They're not mimes. It's a satirical musical that the SFMT puts on every year on 4th of July and it's always hilarious. See the website: http://www.sfmt.org


What if a small town found itself at the forefront of a political fight? It's Election Day in small town America, and that's what happens when, due to an Electoral College tie, the entire Presidential Election comes down to the one tiny town. Suddenly, the ignored, disregarded Bluebird, Kansas is the most important town in America. And they are being pressured to quickly cast the deciding vote, and vote the "right way."

But what would happen if they decided to wait? Can one little town hold an entire nation's election hostage? Should it? Is bread on the farm house dinner table tonight more important than deciding who sits at the Oval Office desk tomorrow? Yep, this election could take a while . . .

Official Website: http://www.sfmt.org/index.php

Added by GGxGG on July 1, 2008