310 SW Lincoln Street
Portland, Oregon 97201

RecentChangesCamp (RCC) is the unconference for the Wiki community. Born of the intersection of wiki and Open Space (an unconference facilitation method), it is named after the "recent changes" page found on many wikis.

RCC is 100% free to attendees, and is open to everyone: from hardcore wikiholics to the mildly curious. No pre-registration is required, but it would be helpful if you could add yourself to our list of attendees on our planning wiki. You can also follow our updates at @RCCamp

RCC is held over the course of three days, with participants welcome to come and go as they please. The schedule is...

Friday: 9:30 am, Opening circle. Unconference sessions, a break for lunch, and then some more sessions before we close for the evening.

Saturday: 9:30 Morning news / re-opening circle, sessions, lunch, and the evening news / circle

Sunday: 9:30 am Morning news, fifth sessions, closing circle, 3:00 pm, cleanup, etc.

Official Website: http://2009rcc.org/

Added by Steven Walling on October 18, 2008



I am interested in talking to the folks doing cross cultural collaborations RoCoCo if they are in PDX . Will try to be there for part of Friday and Sat.
find me at shogrenconsulting.com or washingtoncountymuseum.org and look for the exec. director.