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It is a time of challenges for the computing field. We are tired of hearing that a computing professional is little more than a program coder or a system administrator; or that a college or graduate education is unnecessary; or that entering the computing field is a social death. We are dismayed that K-12 students, especially girls, have such a negative perception of computing. We are alarmed by reports that the innovation rate in our field has been declining and that enrollments in our degree programs have dropped 50% since 2001. Instead of the solo voice of the programmer, we would like to hear from the choir of mathematicians, engineers,and scientists who make up the bulk of our field....

This is an invitational summit of 200 visionary leaders from all sectors touched by computing, including science, engineering, industry, business, education, journalism, policymaking, and government. We will inquire into the reasons each of us has been fired up about our profession and into how we can ignite similar fires in others. We will create projects and form teams that will seed, nurture, and cultivate new ideas in the community. We will cross international borders. We will aggressively publicize the message of the wonder of our field and the hope for the future.

Official Website: http://www.rebootingcomputing.org/

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