Nyelandsvej 75A
Copenhagen, Hovedstaden 2000

reboot is a community event for the practical visionaries who are at the intersection of digital technology and change all around us.

2 days a year. 500 people. A journey into the interconnectedness of creation, participation, values, openness, decentralization, collaboration, complexity, technology, p2p, humanities, connectedness and many more areas.

Applied towards us as individuals, citizens, teachers, culture workers, entrepreneurs, creators and change makers.

Every year has its own theme. Last year's: free. This year's: who knows?

Official Website: http://www.reboot.dk

Added by Clockwork on September 17, 2008



Is reboot 11 happening? reboot.dk only talks about Reboot 10 (2008) - v confusing!

Daniel Barradas

yes it is. ;)


The web page has updated with a new Reboot 11 logo and date... but still talks about the forthcoming Reboot 10... http://www.reboot.dk/


It's possible to register for Reboot11 now.