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reboot10 is an exploration of "free" - in every incarnation of the word. free information, free individuals, free culture, free societies, free markets, free products and services, free ideas, free culture, free knowledge, free tools, free platforms, free minds - you continue the list...

Official Website: http://reboot.dk

Added by tizzle on April 10, 2008



Are these dates definite? This page seems to be the only googleable reference for reboot10, including http://reboot.dk


Yes - the email went out today with those dates in; I think the site should be live soon.


free registration?
free flight?
free hotel?
free food?
free beer...


that's the week of my final exams ;)
too bad. but reboot11 should be working


@Matt: june, 26 & 27 is what Thomas Madsen-Mygdal announced to last year's Rebooters. So, yeah, that's pretty definite, I'd say. :-)

The site should be coming up in the next few weeks.


Still no website/schedule for this ? Its only 6 weeks away now.


yes, I was just wondering if this was actually still going ahead?


Yes it's happening. I know people in the Reboot team etc. They need to get a site running though!


Nice new site is up and registration is open. Already half full.

Daniel Barradas

I finally get to go to one of these! :)


cannot find location

Daniel Barradas

Reboot 10 ruled! :)

btw ... there was free food and free beer ;)

Interested 200