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Have you ever tried to spray a garden hose when it had a kink in it? What happens? The water trickles out or worse yet doesn't come out at all. The pressure is on full force but the water isn't flowing. Is this what life feels like for you? You are operating on full pressure and trying to express life but the blockages are getting in the way and life feels unfulfilled, and overwhelming. In order for the water to flow freely through the hose you need to find and correct the kink in the hose. Once you straighten out the kink the water will naturally flow. It knows its way, it's guided to flow the course it's on. This is exactly what the Creator wants for you; to flow naturally on your course, your destiny, your path. Are you flowing freely through life? Potential Blocks: Relationships struggles, unfulfilled in your career, feeling unsettled and out of sync with the world, lacking inner peace or just operating on auto pilot. Once you have identified the blocks it's time to unravel the parts that are blocked. Un-learn what you've been conditioned to believe about yourself and the world. Begin to rebuild your foundation. The foundation to your life is your SELF ESTEEM. What are you built on? Thoughts that no longer serve you, reactions and victimhood? If so, the time has come to dismantle all of that and begin to rebuild your foundation. Come join me for a reading. Reading are $60 for 1/2 hour, $120 for an hour. Email [email protected] or call 443-396-1282 to reserve your time now.

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