Mill Street
Oxford, England OX2 0JX

Dazzle is a free developer event where participants work on a particular technology.

The first Dazzle will take place on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of July 2009 at Oxford Innovation, Mill Street, Oxford, OX2 0JX,UK. The focus is rdfQuery.

rdfQuery is a JavaScript library that builds on the jQuery library. rdfQuery allows the annoation of data using RDFa and the inferencing of annotated data. Jeni Tennison the creator of rdfQuery will be coordinating the development.

The structure of the days will be determined by the participants. Some suggestions include:

* Applications: widgets, adding to existing RDFa sites
* Core development: documentation, packaging, microformats, named graphs, and ontologies
* Interfaces: Talis change markup, N3 and Turtle, and SPARQL

Refreshments and entertainment will be provided, so registration is required for this event. You can register for one or both days. Please sign up to join us.

Official Website:

Added by JeniT on June 24, 2009