18 Little West 12th Street
New York, New York 10014

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To inaugurate El Año Del Gallo (Year of the Rooster), January's installment of RAZA will be sure to infuse their guests with a spirit of "unidad” that will set the tone for RAZA's new year.

Tato Torres y YERBABUENA will do a live set…DJ Mr. Bless will hold it down on the turntables...Derek Santiago will do a live painting. This combination of New York's Latino “illuminati” will make for a night that anyone interested in this aspect of Latino culture will not want to miss.

YERBABUENA is a collective of new-generation musicians, singers, and dancers that have been penned as “Urban Jibaros.” Their blend of “Boricua (Puerto Rican) Roots Music” (also the name of their recently-released CD) has been hailed as “contagious”, thus inviting their audience to become participants in something that is both unique and interactive. When at a YERBABUENA event, it immediately becomes obvious to the observer that these are folks at the forefront of a contemporary Puerto Rican/Caribbean musical experience and their many successes indicate that they will not disappoint. An experience with YERBABUENA is a cross between a family gathering, a musical “event”, and a “jam in the park.”

The turntables for this evening at Cielo will be manned by DJ Mr. Bless. As one half of the 4-2-1 and Co-Founder of Mi Sala, Mr. Bless is a seasoned mixologist with a specialty in Afro-Latin; Cumbia; Roots; and other pan-Latin musical genres that will take the folks at RAZA on a musical journey. DJ Mr. Bless has performed in the multiple museums, galleries and art institutions throughout New York City, and has also spun alongside YERBABUENA on several occasions.

After numerous requests from our community, we are finally going to have our resident graphic artist, Derek Santiago, create one of his pieces live at RAZA. Derek is the artist responsible for our logo (you have all noticed that it is a gold bracelet with the mano de azabache…right?), as well as our flyers. This is a partnership that we at RAZA are VERY proud of. Derek’s futuristic yet vintage; sexy; organic; “techy” style has brought him work in national ads (Puerto Rican Day Parade for Coor’s). He has done artwork for Marvel and DC comics, and was most recently featured as an invited guest at the Soulfrito Art Foundation Exhibition in Miami where he painted 5 pieces in one week.

One only has to look at the comments that have been posted about RAZA to begin to understand that this is a monthly event that is quickly on the verge of becoming an important component of the changing dynamic in Latino culture (and subsequently, nightlife) in New York City.

In view of the multiple facets of the evening (plus a few added surprises), it is recommended that one arrive at RAZA's after work “hangeo” early as you will not want to miss out on anything this evening. RAZA will be sure to instill pride on one's Latino-ness and make for some sore feet!!!

So, come out and reunite with old friends…or make some new friends…but come out and be “Urban Jibaros” at RAZA!


Wednesday, January 31, 2007
6 - 11pm
$5 before 7pm
$10 with flyer or RSVP to [email protected]
$15 at the door
18 Little West 12th Street
Between Washington & 9th Avenue, NYC
A,C,E,1,2,3;L to 14th Street

[i]Raza is a Spanish phrase which, while literally translated as the race, is used as a synonym of "el pueblo" or "la gente", both of which mean "the people". It is used to denote the people of Latin America who share the cultural & political legacies of Spanish colonialism. Often, the term "La Raza" also encompasses a racial significance associated with "mestizaje", or race-mixing. In the 1960s, ethnically-based political movements for civil rights used "La Raza" to break down the national & generational barriers between the various segments of the Latino population.

Official Website: http://www.mySPACE.COM/RAZANYC

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