Ravenchase is pleased to announce its first event in San Francisco! The Great San Fran chase is like a combination of the Amazing Race, Da Vinci Code and Raiders of the Lost Arc.

Our staff personally greets each group at the start of the race, explains the rules of the game and gives each team a hand made treasure map, clues on parchment scrolls and a bag of cool gadgets (like black lights to see clues written in invisible ink). Teams can travel in any direction they like around the city. Actors are also planted along the course, to interact with and help the teams.

All the answers and puzzle pieces along the course will lead them to a secret end location, where prizes are awarded to the top three teams.

Official Website: http://www.ravenchase.com/public_events/ca.php



According to the website, there is a SF game on October 20th. Is this in addition?