315 Massachusetts Avenue, Central Square
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

SENKING is Cologne’s Jens Massell, who also records as Fumble and as part of Poto & Cabengo. As Senking, Massell makes darkly atmospheric music that is deep, dubby, and intensely cinematic. His most recent CD, List, is out now on Raster-Noton. This will be his first U.S. performance.

FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER is a founding member of Raster-Noton and one of the pioneering figures in ultra minimal post techno. Using the most basic sound sources, sine waves and white noise, Bretschneider creates minimal, flowing pieces with delicate textures and complex rhythmic patterns.

Olaf BENDER is a founding member of the Raster-Noton label, as well as its lead designer. Bender (formerly known as Byetone) creates his music digitally, assembling sine tones into complex sound fabrics of deep sub-bass and rhythmic clicks and crackles. He creates abstract animations to support his abstract music --transforming the rhythm of the music into a graphic equivalent, which he controls in real time.

Links: http://www.raster-noton.de

Non-Event concerts are supported in part by a grant from the LEF foundation.

Official Website: http://www.last.fm/event/260435

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