69 boulevard Victor
Paris, Ile-de-France 75015

Are you one of the RapidWeaver users attending Apple Expo Paris 2006? If so, then come along and meet the other RW users and the RealMacSoftware team!

This event is currently looking for a location, but the time will be the same whatever the location.

Please check back later this week for correct venue details!

Official Website: http://www.realmacsoftware.com/support/viewtopic.php?pid=75506#p75506

Added by nikf on September 5, 2006


Realmac Software

Anyone got ideas or suggestions for the venue?

Preferable it should be near the Expo and sell beer – The beer part is NOT optional ;-)


Hahaha. I second that Dan. WiFi may be optional - Beer, however, is not ;-)


I live in Paris and will be attending so i will take a look tomorrow over by the expo and is what i can find in the way of a pub.


Thanks Doug!


I'll be there


Love to be there but I'm only at the Expo for the day. Now if the venue is within 30 minutes of CDG I may make it for a swift half - Don (ScreenCastsOnline)


Looked around by the expo, but not much around as I expected. The only place that looked ok was a brasserie call Dupont Versailles right next to the Murcure hotel. The next best thing I can suggest is this website.




Is that likely the easiest place to meet? Shall we just set it to 'Dupont Versailles'?


Sure, If it turns out to be no good we can go else were, but it has beer so how bad could it be:-).

Like I said it's next to the Murcure hotel, and that is across the street from the number 5 building at the expo.

The address is:
69 boulevard Victor
75015 PARIS


I'll be there on 13/9.

So I won't make it at 8.00 PM.