77 Natoma (at 2nd)
San Francisco, California

Scott Beale posted the following about this event on his superb blog, The Laughing Squid.

?Rapid Eye Movement? is a new group show at Varnish Fine Art featuring Attaboy, Sean Christopher, Dave Chung, Chris Mars, Kevin Peterson, & KRK Ryden.

Dedicated to edgy toys, cartoon-y views of reality, mongrelized pop culture, and grotesque expressionism, these 6 artists specialize in tapping into and then manifesting their childhood and adolescent selves into work that is sometimes epitomized by smoking bunnies and three-legged girls, or more often by depictions of gleeful rebellion.

Added by simulate on February 27, 2006



It looks like this event entry was taken from my blog post: http://laughingsquid.com/2006/02/27/rapid-eye-movement/

I'm not sure why there wasn't any attribution or even a link.


Sorry, Laughing Squid. I saw the event and I like Attaboy's work and I wanted to get it on my calendar. I thought the text came from Rapid Eye Movement so I just posted it. I'll add the attribution.


Thanks. The first paragraph was mine and the quoted paragraph came from Varnish's website.


Attaboy rocks and puts the "undies" in "sundries."


Attaboy also put the "func" in "functionality"