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Calgary, Alberta

CanPalNet Calgary is putting on a protest rally outside the U.S. Consulate:

Dear friends and fellow activists,

As you know, the situation in the Middle East is deteriorating fast. Israel's disproportionate response has killed over a hundred Lebanese civilians, and destroyed much of Lebanon's infrastructure, including airports, roads, communications, and electricity. Our prime minister considers this "defensive" response to the kidnapping of two soldiers to be "measured". Meanwhile, 8 Canadians have died from Israeli airstrikes.

We wish to assemble not only to protest American support of Israel, but also our own prime minister's.

The rally will be taking place in front of the American consulate (1st st, 7th ave SE), at 7pm on Monday, July 17. Bring banners, flags, signs, noisemakers, candles, etc.

We can expect that the usual handful of hecklers will come out - Please ignore them. They feel validated by the confrontation they provoke, and without it, they will get bored and leave.

Feel free to circulate this email to ensure that as many people as possible know about this. If you have friends without email, give them a ring.

With hopeful hearts,
Canpalnet calgary.

Official Website: http://www.canpalnetcalgary.ca/

Added by Grant Neufeld on July 17, 2006

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