117 S. West St.
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

The heart of downtown Raleigh serves as the playing field for the Raleigh Typhoon scavenger hunt. Last year, nearly 350 participants teamed up to find specific items and to perform tasks on a list. The tasks included; getting upside down for a Red Bull can, riding a Raleigh Rickshaw, lounging on Couchtrip, doing some time "frozen" or in "jail," finding a "Waldo" look-a-like, playing video games, completing a word search, and putting a few puzzles together, just to name a few. One of the puzzles made hunters figure out that the, "pan-optic-cylinder," was our iconic Clarion hotel, led them to a suite, prompted them to knock, reveal a password which granted them access to the cityscape and made them find an octopus on a rooftop.

Each team was required to bring back certain objects and take pictures with a digital camera in order to prove that they found certain items including: statues, dates, names, logos, a cup, two parks, "the" acorn, the hidden side of a building, the two sides of our great Raleigh flag, etc… The Raleigh Typhoon was designed to be challenging, entertaining, at times educational, and definitely a great way to spend time in downtown Raleigh with your friends! The Raleigh Typhoon is not a race, participants are encouraged to take their time, there are a few pitfalls that may delay and amuse you along the way.

Yet there are rewards for coming on top. The prizes for the top teams last year were valued at close to $4000 and consisted of cash, checks and gift cards to many of the participating businesses. The Raleigh Typhoon 2 is taking place on Saturday June 21st and the organizers are working hard to make it bigger and better than last year. There will be at least $4500 in checks, prizes and giveaways this year. Don't miss out on the fun and discover a little more about downtown Raleigh's treasures.

Official Website: http://www.schizophrenicoctopus.com/theraleightyphoon/Typhoon2/Typhoon2.html

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