Shaftesbury Avenue
London, England

A pirate radio station playing the sounds of the fifties brings a teenager who died 50 years ago back from the grave to search for his lost love and take revenge against his tormentors. Starring Faye Dunaway who is attending the Festival.

Johnny is a shy and stuttering Teddy boy who goes dancing down the Palace every Friday night. All he wants from life is one dance with Sally Andrews- the girl of his dreams. But having finally worked up the courage to ask her, her boyfriend beats, bullies and humiliates him. Johnny lashes out violently, and while being chased from the scene his car takes a plunge into a nearby river- leading him to a watery grave.

After forty years of drifting out to sea, the car becomes caught in the net of a fishing boat. Johnny’s decomposing body is suddenly resurrected, and he embarks upon a murderous rampage on those who bullied him that fateful night.

From first time filmmaker David Howard, Flick boasts a comic book look that echoes Sin City, and oozes in retro style. Featuring a recognisable British cast that includes Mark Benton and Michelle Ryan, the big star on display is 1970s screen goddess Faye Dunaway as a one-armed Police lieutenant from Memphis. Throw in a kick-ass 1950s Rock ’n’ Roll soundtrack, mixed in with some tunes specially written by quiffed songster Richard Hawley (who also supplies the voice of radio DJ Bobby Blade), and you’ve got one hell of an entertaining gem. Flick is a wild debut and is destined to achieve cult status. See it first at Raindance.

Added by Craig Grobler on October 4, 2008

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