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Pub Nite #18: Fall Arrives

You are cordially invited to raise a glass with your fellow Rails developers in lovely Parkdale.

So, I get roughly six requests per week from a well-intentioned individual wishing to offer jobs to people on the RPN mailing list. I've been offered money! I always turn them down because your privacy is worth more than what anyone has offered (so far) (I joke!). However, we've had friends come who are definitely looking to hire buy us food and last month, founding RPN member Greg Philpott told us about opportunities at MDialogue - but I made him get up on a chair and buy a round of drinks.

I think that's what I'm going to do from now on. Lots of deals get made, and lots of Rails developers get hired every month - it's amazing, really. I figure that's the level of commercial sponsorship that's right for us; if someone is willing to get up on a chair they can have two minutes of our time, and they have to buy everyone there a drink. It's cheaper and more effective than advertising, and I think there's an almost Shakespearian elegance to the whole thing.

If you think this is a terrible idea, show up at the next pub nite, get up on a chair and tell us so.. but you might have to still buy us all a drink.

At this point there is a core group of about thirty folks that come out regularly; we expect about twenty heads per outing. The Rhino affectionately refers to us as "their nerds". Hillary takes great care of us; please tip her well.

We often receive emails from people that wonder if they know enough about Rails to come. The answer is that if you know what Rails is, you should come. At the very least, we can answer your questions and get you even more excited.

Unspace wants to support the growing Rails community here. We feel the best opportunity for advocacy is an event where people can make friends and have fun in an informal setting.

We welcome people who are working with other, similar technologies. If you are open minded and like to discuss how we can all create better sites, come share a pint.

Official Website: http://unspace.ca/innovation/pubnite

Added by libinpan on September 13, 2007