1249 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Welcome back! After an awesome November pub nite, we decided to take December off. Hopefully everyone is feeling recharged and ready for next Monday.

The next Rails Pub Nite will be Monday, February 19th!

* Rails 1.2 is out "any moment now", and there is much cause for excitement.
* Agile Web Development with Rails' 2nd edition is now out, and it
improves on the original in every way.
* Jeff Hardy nears completion of Beginning Ruby on Rails: From Novice to Professional, for Apress. http://www.apress.com/book/bookDisplay.html?bID=10124
* Pete published Attributes > Classes: Custom DOM Attributes for Fun and Profit. http://unspace.ca/discover/attributes/

Got Toronto Rails news? Let us know!

At this point there is a core group of about twenty folks that come out regularly; we expect about fifteen heads per outing. The Rhino affectionately refers to us as "their nerds".

We often receive emails from people that wonder if they know enough about Rails to come. The answer is that if you know what Rails is, you should come. At the very least, we can answer your questions and get you even more excited.

Unspace wants to support the growing Rails community here. We feel the best opportunity for advocacy is an event where people can make friends and have fun in an informal setting.

We welcome people who are working with other, similar technologies. If you are open minded and like to discuss how we can all create better sites, come share a pint.

Official Website: http://unspace.ca/innovation/pubnite/

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Just a note, the event starts at 7pm.