Joiner Street
London, England SE1

Admission: Free

Opening hours: Wednesday - Friday, 18.00 - 23.00.

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Interactive Agents is delighted to announce its first major showing of interactive sound installations in the UK. The exhibition will take place in the extraordinary location of Shunt Vaults, a massive 70,000 square foot network of railway arches, deep below London Bridge Station.

Radioworks will comprise of a series of unique interactive sound pieces that explore the interception of electro-magnetic radio waves, naturally created by the planet Earth, from outer space and resulting from the operations of the universe. This will include the first showing anywhere of "The Hydro-Acoustic Big Bang Filter" a large-scale installation that allows an audience to hear the sound of the Big Bang: an audio manifestation of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), radiation that is believed to be residual of the Big Bang itself some 15 billion years ago. This work has been developed in consultation with some of the world's leading cosmologists and astrophysicists.

The exhibition also includes "The Earth's Original 4.5 Billion Year Old Electronic Music Composition", revealing the planet's own electro-acoustic composition which is as old as the planet itself and is continuously unfolding around us, and "The Heliosonic Resonator", whose sound stream, is generated by seismic disturbances of the spinning core of the Sun.

Interactive Agents is an independent production company and R&D think tank committed to innovative and exciting approaches to the creation of art at the interface of science and technology, with a special emphasis on experiences that are multi-dimensionally interactive. Their projects are conceived to function radically across a range of media and they are not so much interested in the breaking down of boundaries, so much as questioning why those boundaries existed in the first place. Radioworks is Interactive Agents' first major exhibition in the UK.

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