1150 Queen St. W.
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1J3

$15 door / $12 students & advance (each night)

An eclectic group of multi-talented artists are assembled together in order to perform live radiophonic pieces for the stage. This year's ensemble consisting of sound artists Anna Friz and Richard Windeyer, sound designer & actor Richard Lee, and vocalist Christine Duncan will perform a two-part (one part on the 26th and one part on the 27th) radio work by US radio and performance artist Gregory Whitehead. Also included will be radio works commissioned for CBC radio's Outfront by Christian Nicolay, Micheline Roi, Debashis Sinha, and Damiano Pietropaulo.

The Radio theatre will be followed by Sonic Choreographies
by Kathy Kennedy
(price of performance included with Radio Theatre 1 ticket)

Sonic Choreographies are multi-track pieces for 5.1 surround sound composed almost entirely of the composer's voice, creating an immersive and deeply personal environment. Kennedy will also improvise live over some of the soundscapes. From lilting melodies to haunting auralities, the concert hall is transformed into a space within the human voice.

Official Website: http://www.naisa.ca/deepwireless/Performances.html

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