1313 Queen St. West
Toronto, Ontario M6K1L8

May [email protected] Gallery 1313, Process Gallery
RADIO ART SALON curated by Darren Copeland

Recline in an alternate sounding universe in 50's style hair salon chairs transformed into radio art listening lounges. Running for the entire month of May, the "Radio Art Salon" includes a program of radio art works curated by Darren Copeland that includes contributions from Resonance FM in the UK, from Kunstradio in Austria (sponsored by the Austria Cultural Forum) and content drawn from the Deep Wireless international call for submissions on the theme of Trans-X.

"Radio Roam" is a radio transmission installation work. It uses many radios installed in the gallery space, each tuned to a different frequency on the FM dial. A variable transmitter sends out an audio signal and automatically changes the broadcasting frequency based on motion activity within the space. The audio signal "jumps" from one radio to another, creating a surround sound experience for the gallery visitor. It is intended that the transmitted audio blend with the bleed from other high power FM stations, to create an ever changing collage of radio sounds, in real time.

Official Website: http://www.deepwireless.ca

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