1 S Saginaw St
Pontiac, Illinois 48342

Friday 2/1/2008 10:00 PM 18+ $10.00
The Onion AV Club welcomes...

Ra Ra Riot
with Guests

While most bands spend their first year fighting over rehearsal schedules and playing shows for their parents, Ra Ra Riot managed to spread its sound at ludicrous speed. In less than one year, this group of overachievers has somehow melded six musical brains together to form one collective force hell-bent on making fans move in time with every pluck, pound, strum and bow. The group’s spirited live shows will surely give it the staying power it needs to keep drawing fans—and maybe, just maybe, Ra Ra Riot’s sunny-side-up style will even be able to do the unthinkable and put Syracuse on the map for something other than snow.

Official Website: http://www.schubas.com/calendar.aspx?month=2