115 NW 5th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209

As the AOL/TimeWarner Voltron finally draws the curtain on the last remaining vestige of the 90s internet euphoria, join Old Town Computers in a celebration of Web 1.0. The festivities will feature screenings of "A Brief History Of Memes" (dir. T. Bradford) & "Hackers: the Movie" and a round of .com bubble pub-style trivia. They'll be lubricated with the preferred beverage of online pet store startups: Beer. Revelry will transpire at the center of Portland's geek life, Backspace, on Friday, February 1st, beginning at 7pm. Dress up as your favorite pre-YouTube internet celebrity and receive a free beer for compromising your dignity.

"We're excited to take this chance to look back on those heady days," says Tyler Bradford, owner/operator of Old Town Computers. "The thing of it is, Netscape proved that what we geeks believed was important, in our basements and garages, could change the world for the better. It also proved we could get ludicrously rich by selling out at the right moment."

"A Brief History of Memes" is a hastily assembled collection of irony & nostalgia, evoking the irrational exuberance and short attention span of the day trading set. A highlight reel for nascent cyberculture's self-important phase, if your friends made you watch it before y2k, it's in there. Hackers, requiring little introduction, was the most misguided and ambitious attempt made by the mainstream to appropriate the signs of arcane nerdery.


Added by ctbfourone on January 30, 2008