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We are surrounded by them all the time – on the bus, in our cars, on Facebook and on Google.
Ads are not new news by any stretch of the imagination but they are effective.
When it comes to online ads, people often say, “I never click on the ads on Google or Facebook. Why are they even there?” The answer is simple: Because millions of people click on these ads every day!
Should you be advertising on Google? Absolutely. Should you have ads on Facebook? Yes. What about on LinkedIn? Maybe.
This session will go over the basics of setting up pay-per-click ads on both Facebook and Google. You will also learn how to incorporate Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. A number of tips and tricks will be covered to get you started on the path of online advertising.

What will you learn?

Stefanie Baier, Pay-Per-Click specialist with Anduro Marketing, will show you how to set up an AdWords account PROPERLY, how to optimize default settings, and how to generate effective ads. She will also show you how to create Facebook ads which can be accurately tracked using Google Analytics, how they can help either your website or Facebook Business Page and how to interpret Facebook insights.
The following topics will be covered:
Setting up an AdWords account
Selecting keywords
Selecting the best landing pages
Creating ads
Improving the quality score
Integrating AdWords with Google Analytics
Setting up Facebook ads
Using Facebook Insights
Selecting Facebook targets
Setting up and monitoring ads on LinkedIn
The benefits of this seminar include:
Qualified visitors clicking on your ads
More clicks for a fixed budget
Improved click-thru-rate (CTR)
More conversions (sales or sales leads)
Who should attend?
Marketing managers, business owners, marketing consultants. Anyone who wants to get the most clicks and conversions for a fixed online marketing budget.

What people are saying:

I brought back several items presented at the workshop to my team supervisor and he's really psyched about them. I'm looking forward to incorporating several of my lessons learned in the new year to help strengthen the communications we are doing now.
Lots of valuable information which I can use right away in my real work situation
I feel I learned a lot about Internet Marketing and Social Media and can apply what I have learned to my current job.


Official Website: http://optimize-your-pay-per-click-campaign.eventbrite.com/

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