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Philippe Quenum's roots are a mix of Africa and the French Antilles. He was raised in France and currently lives in Geneva with his wife and two children, having spent the nineties producing music in the United Kingdom for the legendary Pacific Records and Music Man labels.

DJing since the early eighties throughout Europe and holding residencies in Swiss clubs and national radio station Couleur 3 as well as working for the Montreux Jazz Festival, Quenum has performed live tech-house sets worldwide since 1996 as Access 58 with Paulo Nascimento. Their labelmates and remixers include Trevor Rockliffe, Colin Dale, Mark Broom, Umek, The Advent, Cari Lekebusch, Steve Stoll, Pacou...

Since 2001, the duo has teamed up with classical / jazz trained Portuguese keyboardist Nuno Filipe for the Jam project, whose releases on their own Mutant Soul Records also featuring Erik Truffaz grabbed remixes by Rollercone, Alex Attias and Jimpster. Downtempo, house, broken beat and jazzy tunes showcase Quenum's broad range of musical interests, including afro-caribbean music, soul, funk, hip hop and house.

In 2003, Quenum founded Cadenza records with Luciano and produced together the first release of the label 01 - Luciano & Quenum which included the underground techno hit "Orange Mistake".

In 2004, having released music on Phictiv and Imploz in Geneva (after Mental Groove back in 1998) he founded Num, a new label with Lee Van Dowski, his music partner in Cadenza's 03 release . When they work together, reduced and funky beats become deconstructed with crystal clear bleeps scattering all over the place.

As a DJ, Quenum spins minimal techno-house to tribal heights with a more or less experimental edge : both slamming and deep. His flawless mixing technique and live sets are constantly redefining and upgrading abstract dancefloor techno.

Official Website: http://squar3.com/?p=118

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quenum's music for listening and download is on his site