2501 Bryant St.
San Francisco, California 94110

Curated by Zee Bourdeaux and Tamara Lowenstein.

How does one decipher a queer body?
Today, there exist more options than ever to express oneself through the canvas of the body. People identifying as queer have not always been in a position to publicize their queerness, but as the demarcations of gender and sexuality continue to shift and melt away, the freedom and opportunity for expression are increasing. Queerness expresses itself through the body in a multitude of ways; at times it is invisible to the eye, at other times it is more subtle or completely transparent, but always transgressive and provocative.

Queerity, a group exhibition of queer identified artists, reflects on matters pertinent to a queer body and the ways it is perceived, acknowledged or misunderstood. The artists in Queerity make visible an internal experience through an array of external mediums. Their work, as their bodies, act subversively against gender norms still in place throughout much of the world and offer up diverse perspectives about queerness and what it means to identify as such.

Featuring works by: Jai Carrillo, Miles Conrad, Torreya Cummings, eddie gesso, Patrick Hillman, Gregory Kaplowitz, Ace Lehner, Jason Fritz Michael, Matt Momchilov, Job Piston, Emmett Ramstad, Jennifer Rarick, Hilary Schwartz, Maxx Sizeler and Taylor Ward.

Million Fishes Arts Collective is a Mission District-based live/work arts collective comprised of a diverse group of artists dedicated to working collaboratively. Million Fishes creates an environment for artists to develop critical skills to engage in the processes involved in producing art and sharing it. The collective is a resource to the diverse community of the Mission District, as well as the communities of our resident artists. Programs include innovative exhibitions of work by members and non-members, an artist-in-residence program for sixteen artists from international backgrounds, and classes and workshops open to the public. Exhibitions runs through June 28th.

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/millionfishes

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