363 Brannan Street
San Francisco, California 94107

Come visit Adaptive Path for two presentations by the Queens of Content Erika Hall and Kristina Halvorson!

The event starts at 6 sharp with drinks and nibbles and will be followed by two 30 minute presentations starting at 6:30.

Here's some info about the Queens!


Title: Content Strategy: The Mania, the Myth, the Method
Why do so many web site projects stall out or even implode when it's time to go "find" the content? Contrary to popular belief, there isn't a Magical Server In the Sky that can instantly populate your site's CMS. You need real people to gather it, analyze it and write it. You also need someone who will advocate for your audience's needs long after the IA team is gone. Find out how a content strategist can save your large-scale site project ... and your sanity.

Kristina Halvorson has been writing for web sites since 1997. As president of Brain Traffic, Kristina leads teams of expert web writers to create smart, relevant content for real people with real needs. She is a passionate advocate for content strategy, the "hidden discipline" that lives between information architecture, web writing, and the build process. Brain Traffic's clients include Target, Ameriprise Financial, UnitedHealthcare, Caribou Coffee, and Medtronic. Follow Kristina on Twitter: @halvorson


Title: Copy as Interface
The words you use could be the most effective part of your interface. Or they could render the experience unintelligible and hostile. The first step is finding the right voice for your application.

Erika Hall is a co-founder of Mule Design Studio where she helps create appealing, useful interfaces that make sense. She has been toiling on the Web since 1995 and consulting joyfully for a decade. Mule clients include PBS, The Wall Street Journal, MedicAlert, Federated Media Publishing, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

We look forward to seeing you!

Official Website: http://www.adaptivepath.com

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hope to be there form hot studio. it's great to see content strategy is on people's radar!


Hope you share this presentations for all those that can't realllly attend to this event :(


How do I "watch"? Will I be able to see it after the fact, or just live, or not at all? :)


another request to share please ... from the north of England


Yes, do share please! I'm in SE Asia.


Please, another request to share! This is my field, and I'd love to hear from others... but I'm in Syracuse, NY!


So glad to see this topic - please do share. I'm in NYC.


This was great. I could only stay for Kristina, but she was funny and insightful. It was wonderful to attend an event on content strategy. They are few and far between.