The Piers
San Francisco, California

RMS Queen Mary 2, the largest ocean liner in the world, will be docking at Pier 27 on superbowl sunday. She'll be staying for 24 hours.

Official Website:

Added by dln on January 19, 2007



Supposedly she will arrive at 3:30pm.


So, the plan is, go to the GG Bridge on the Pacific side and watch her approach, then run over to the Bay side and watch her sail in. I wonder how it would take to make the switch?


Justin, I think by the time you make it to the east side of the bridge she'll be pretty far away, especially if you want to be right over her as she passes under the bridge, which will probably be about 2/3 or 3/4 of the way across to marin.


Well, as much as I love my hometown Bears, I am going to cycle over to the bridge from the East Bay & take in the site....then find food & a big screen! (chuckle)
Does anyone cycle?


yes, people cycle.