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Are you taking the ultimate, 21st century personal growth challenge...starting and developing your own business?

Meet Up with other entrepreneurs who understand that their business is a reflection of themselves. To take it to the next level, you not only have to have business savvy, you also have to work on your internal structures - your mindset.

This 2-hour workshop provides an introductory frame to mindset optimization - the how of personal change - and explores some common mindsets which limit people from going out and marketing and selling themselves with enthusiasm. We will also discuss the concept of ecology, the reason you don't change...and how you can.

Part of the reason people have a difficult time shifting certain behaviors, is that they do not know what beliefs are the driver behind that behavior. They don’t know what the unconscious belief is (that’s why we call it “unconscious” - because we’re not conscious of it) nor do they understand how that belief got there in the first place or what was the very important purpose of having that belief or behavior in the past. It is only when we can respect the elegance of our past solutions that we can re-decide or re-solve.

You will be working with the group to identify common beliefs that limit people from doing marketing and sales activities, defining some beliefs and resources which would be more empowering and noticing the possible consequences.

This gropu meets on the last Saturday of the month (for 2-hours) to introduce the frame of entrepreneurialism as the ultimate personal growth challenge. The first hour provides information about why people don't always change when they'd like to and helps you appreciate the parts of you that may be perceived as bad, wrong or "limiting". The second half breaks the large group into smaller groups and you will work with an NLP practitioner to articulate what you would like, really. The whole group then gets together to walk through a change pattern, to make it more possible to make that shift.

See the full event details at http://www.meetup.com/Quantum-Growth/

This group has two monthly Meetups: one per month on using NLP to shift mindset--Mindset Optimization; and one per month on mastering marketing tactics--Speak Your Business Clinic.

Speak Your Business Clinic meets one Thursday evening per month (5.30 – 7.30) to provide business owners with a chance to both get some useful information about communicating the essence of their business and practice utilizing that information in a non-threatening environment. This monthly Meetup has six topics that repeat in a cycle. NEXT MEETUP: July 7th,, 5.30-7.30PM: This Month's Topic: Speak Your Business in Under 60 Seconds.

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Official Website: http://www.meetup.com/Quantum-Growth/

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