500 Castro Street
Mountain View, California 94041

Zack's second-grade teacher, Miss Smith, has a knack for telling tales: when she reads from her incredible book, the stories literally spring to life! Then one day Miss Smith is late for school. The principal takes over, and things get out of hand. The classroom is swarming with storybook characters from princesses to pirates to the three little pigs! How will Zack and his classmates get them all back into their stories? All it takes is one spectacular teacher.

Read the book by Michael Garland, then come see this World Premiere play!

Showtimes: Friday, Feb 17th, 9:30AM, 11AM. Saturday, Feb 18th,11:30AM, 1:30PM

Official Website: http://www.pytnet.org

Added by Peninsula Youth Theatre on February 9, 2012