1314 NW Glisan, Ste. 2A
Portland, Oregon 97209

Pure Data is a free and open source software similar to Max/MSP which
can be used on Linux, OSX and Windows to process data, sound and image
in real time. Combined with GEM and PDP, Pure Data is a powerful tool
for realtime audiovisual manipulation and synthesis. This workshop
covers the basic syntax of the program as well as its use in live

The workshop is a two day overview of Pure Data, GEM and PDP.
Participants will learn the basic "grammar" and "vocabulary" of Pure
Data, upon which objects for sound, 3D and video will be added. Emphasis
will be placed on direct connections between sound and image through
three different methods: influence of sound on image, influence of image
on sound and the use of common "control data" for both image and sound.
Attendance of the first day is a prerequisite for the second day, since
information and concepts introduced in the beginning of the workshop
will be used later on.

Added by Marcus on March 1, 2006



Is there any cost associated with this? Do we need to register or just show up?