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Puppets from Perversia, or.... bring the Thai puppeteers to Burning Man......


OK, so we?re having a puppet festival this Saturday at the Café Du Nord. Well, it?s kinda a puppet festival. It?s not nearly as big as the puppet festival that was held in Bangkok in January. But there is a bunch of puppet action. It?s a benefit. We met super cool puppeteers in Bangkok when they did their puppet festival. It was totally cool. With little or no money and puppeteers from 9 countries they did amazing stuff. The organizers of the festival are Thai. Great people. Made us feel like kings and queens. Really fun. Super talented marionettes. It was a great experience. I asked them while I was there if there was anything I could do for them, ya know? return the favor. They all said it, kinda in unison: ?We want to go to Burning Man!?. They didn?t know my email address, my background or my nothing. To them, I was just a guy playing country guitar in a wild west puppet show. They simply didn?t know. I guess they were kinda kidding. We?re not. We?re gonna raise $11,000 and bring them here. And I?m asking for your help.

To get these guys to come to Burning Man would be an organic, authentic cultural exchange. These people are from another world. Everything is different. Their ideas, their goals, their way of sitting. It?s top to bottom different. It?s kinda better. I?m a huge fan. Spending time with the Thai people was a very healthy thing for me. To try to put it in words would be silly. So I won?t. But forget the actual people or where they are from. Even just the exchange, on the idea level, is huge. Here is a group of people that want to participate in our world. Our all-inclusive scene here is being put to the test: their money is, literally, worthless here.

In Thailand, they were able to provide and facilitate us. They have connections and have a big house and can easily figger things out. Just like we can here. But for them to come here, their money gets devalued 90% or more. Your interest in this project is the only thing that is going to get them here. First, we have to get them Visa?s. It seems like it?s going to be a few hundred dollars EACH for the Visa. For us to go there, it?s like 20 bucks. Plane tickets are like $700. There are 8 of them. A few hundred dollars to ship their puppet stuff. They can stay at my big house, and I?ll take ?em in my bus to the man, but I need to feed ?em and take them to the movies and sightseeing and stuff?. Just like they did for us. I?m thinkin? we need 11 grand?

Traditional Thai shadow puppetry is amazing. If you don?t know about it, your missing out. But they do not do traditional Thai shadow puppets. They do more marionette stuff, but it?s all totally experimental and ?new?. They are young and full of ideas. My intention is to fly them out, do a few shows here in SF and maybe LA. Bring the whole brood to Burning Man and set up a small theatre for them to perform their puppetry for the good citizens of BRC. Send them home with a few dollars as well. Just like they did for us.

Please attend our benefit show this Saturday or visit our website (www.chickenjohn.com/puppets)And make a paypal contribution or check back in a few months I will have a wish-list posted on the site to collect things we need to host the Thai?s. If we get all this together we will denote their existence on the playa by the name of the troupe: Kai Doom Doom.

In sincere gratitude and appreciation, Chicken John & Rabbit (Robin Frohardt)

Here is the post for the show:

Project: Pimento!

Puppets have strings. Pianos have strings. Guitars, ukuleles, violins? even tennis racquets & tampons have strings. But not the Theremin! The Theremin is an instrument that achieves it?s tonality but interrupting a magnetic field. Pitch is adjusted by how close your hand is to the antenna. Volume adjusted by another antenna. It?s a weird instrument. You know what it sounds like: Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys features a Theremin. Named after It?s inventor, you will be mystified and mesmerized by Robby Virus as he coaxes the thing to play: lounge music. Backed by a full band, you?ll feel like you in Vegas in the late 60?s but also kinda like in outer space or something. And if it?s not as good as I describe, well? you don?t have to buy their CD. There are simply no strings attached?


Rube Waddell presents:

O, Rube!,

They will then be presentingagain (after a four year hiatus!) the His-story of our patron saint and namesake, Rube Waddell himself, in a production of ?O, Rube!?. A tale of the life and untimely death of this mountain of a man, the father of our cause, told in verse and with PUPPETS of our very own construction! Those who were lucky enough to witness this spectacle of our diminutive thespian prowess in the past know enough to not miss this special presentation at the Cafe du Nord in San Francisco. Those others, be you warned.

A trailer for the show can be viewed here: http://rubewaddell.org/trailer/trailer.html

________________________________________________________________________ _

Jenny Jo and Clair Mack (Wonder Closet) will present: Precautionary Tales for the Wild and NaughtyShel Silverstein poems?. Put to PUPPETS!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said!


Rabbit (Robin Frohardt) Presents:

Buckskin Betty?s Wild West Review!!!!

See a puppet show of the La Contessa as piloted by Pirate John who is brought to justice by fate and drowns in a sea of sand?


All this Saturday the 29th of April, at the Café du Nord!~!!!!!!!!!!




Official Website: http://www.chickenjohn.com/puppets/

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NOTE: disregard the Quasi Cafe du Nord event posted to upcoming that conflicts w/ this event; the date on the Quasi thing was wrong.

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