621 Huntington Ave
Boston, Massachusetts

From http://www.honeypump.net/prfm/
Punk Rock Flea Market Six
Sunday September 18th 2005 (part of N.E.S.T.)
Massachusetts College of Art, Pozen Center
621 Huntington Avenue, Boston MA
Doors open to the public at 11am, PRFM closes at 5pm
There isa $1.00 admission fee* / All Ages**
40 or so vendors selling books, records, crafts, snacks, artwork, and .. junk
DJs Matt Breen (WERS / Radio Beat), and others will spin punk/indie/rock all day

And yes, Johnathan Yates and the 6-table mega distro of 3040503 LPs will be there.


PRFM6 Vendors (partial list, updating soon)
You will note there are some reserve spots, and there are not 40 listed vendors. we're sorting
out the rest and will post soon!

1 Envy 13: Original artwork and distro from Newburyport N.H.
2 Birdhead Design: Local
3 Gavin (from Karate) ? vintage/hand made clothing
4 Aliza (Truth Serum / Faggy Ties) queer-friendly clothing with humor
5 Planet Aid - Vintage and 2nd hand clothing, non-profit
6 Megan + Brad (my former roomate and pal meg, both past vendors, misc junk + crafts)
7 Julie A designs ? LPs converted to bracelets + bowls + misc other goodies
8 UV Protection ? Boston's queens of synth-pop-video-game-opera
9 MidFi electronics ? DIY fx pedals + really awesome sounding
10 Lucy Parsons Center ? non profit activism
11 Papercut Zine Library ? diy / punk / zines etc, also non profit
12 Jonah (Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records) - DIY, Punk, Thrash, HC
13 Reserved for Girly Handwriting - awesome artwork and crafts
14 Honeypump ? whatever my girlfriend is making me throw away
15 Regeneration Records: punk, diy, thrash, metal lps, misc vintage junk, rare stuff
16 Redder Betty- original clothing designs (sold bigtime last PRFM!)
17 Repeat Press - Original art, silkscreen posters, 1" pins, etc
18 Ryan Bagly - DIY Clothing and silkscreen poster company
19 Art Collective, Name TBA (more info soon)
20 All About Records - LPs, Movies, from Russ - the king of Taunton DIY
21 Reserved for Boy/Girl Party - diy arts and crafts
22 ECA / Bodies of Water Arts and Crafts - Hot labels. Hot men. Good deals.
23 Kevin Driscol ? free local music cd-r burning stations
24 Reserved for Mr Records
25 Reserved for Load Records
26 Ian + Jessica - a super nice couple doing LP sales n crafts
27 Mark Robinson (teen beat records / flin flon)
28 Boston Derby Dames - Rollerderby merch and info booth
29 Zoard / Brianna / Friends - Original artwork and cradts
30 Poppycock Design
31 Distro.y Clothing - DIY silkscreen and clothing company
32. Beautiful World Syndicate Distro (LPs / CDs / Etc) Table 1
33. Beautiful World Syndicate Distro (LPs / CDs / Etc) Table 2
34. Beautiful World Syndicate Distro (LPs / CDs / Etc) Table 3
35. Beautiful World Syndicate Distro (LPs / CDs / Etc) Table 4
36. Beautiful World Syndicate Distro (LPs / CDs / Etc) Table 5


General / About

PRFM is a..sort of regular DIY event, where record distros, book makers, artists, clothing designers,
djs, junk hoarders, vegan bakers, and many others come together for a day of swapping, sharing, selling
and buying things you won't find in any store. PRFMs in the past have had upwards of 90 vendors, and
regularly have 50 or so.

The event was founded by Ben Sisto / Honeypump in 2002 as a small swap among friends, and has since
grown to be quite a large-scale opperation. Currently, Kris Palumbo is in charge of operations, as she
brings PRFM to the 2005-2006 Eventworks Festival at Mass Art.

* Money raised at PRFM will in part become grant-funds for young artists at the college. Our thanks go
out to Kris for giving PRFM a good cause, and to the faculty of Mass Art for their continued support
of community events.

** This is an all ages event but parents, keep in mind some vendors have sold old Playboy magazines /
vintage pin-up artwork, and other items of a sexual nature. Nothing too over the top, just letting you know,
because we're good deep down.

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