31 Gresse Street, Fitzrovia
London, England W1T 1QS

Official Website: http://pubstandards.co.uk

Added by fberriman on September 10, 2007



I'm watching purely for solidarity's sake, as I'm actually at Prince that night.


Ditto. I thought it was going to be the following week?


I thought it was always the 2nd thursday of the month which means it should be this week. Am I right?


It's usually the most middle-ish Thursday of the month (which is this week). Ideally, Pub Standards and Sub should be a fortnight apart.


At *least* a fortnight apart. (As they'll often have to be three weeks on one side.)

I'm watching mostly for solidarity, although I might make it along later on in the evening. Don't count on it, though.


There's reasons for this week and reasons for next week. That'd never help us decide. I say we go both this week and next. Ner.


Are you allowed to come to one of these if you've never been before and don't know anyone (apart from one person very vaguely possibly)? It sounds good and is at a pub very local to where I work, but it's potentially a bit scary..... PS I am a Web person and not a random nutter in need of a drink (although I realise these two things might not be mutually exclusive).


It's open to everyone! Pub standards isn't about being a secret society, but in fact about beer.

Come along and just say "hi", we're a fairly friendly bunch.


Cool, thanks for that. I will do -- if I can shake this evil wine induced hangover off by the end of the day ;-(


Anyone planning on getting there at 6ish? I feel like an early one today....and hopefully going on the last tube....ahem.