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It's the New Year and time for all you web standards types to hang the resolutions and get drinking again.

Official Website: http://www.pubstandards.co.uk/2007/01/03/ps14-thursday-18th-january/

Added by cazmockett on January 3, 2007



Bugger: it turns out I'm meant to be going to a gig on the 18th… Looks like I'll be missing out this time, then :(


What the hell is with all the tags?

Oh, and: badges?


tagging is the future, I believe.


hardly had i put my hands on the keyboard to add one more significant tag as i clearly saw it in the list already. 'vodka' tag, that is.

if everything goes well here's what we are to experience this time: 'russian standard platinum', (last time it was simply 'russian standard original'). carefully selected and brought to london from moscow. cooled down to thick and tasty liquor (last time it was disappointedly warm!). on the sad side of the news--it's only half a litre (last time it was 0,75).


man, you're a genius!


not yet, but i'm working on it ;)


Should be in London anyway, w-hey!


Oh god! Bees!


Will be along at some point, but not quite sure when. Also, there's a fair chance I'll simply fall asleep while I'm there, so if I'm lying on the ground, someone put me in taxi, please?


Sure James. We'll draw all over your face first though. I hope that's ok.


cancelling the above platinum experience for today--got some weird and unbeatable infection

platinum will be served in a month, then