2033 E Speedway
Tucson, Arizona 85719

A good, old-fashioned meet and greet for locals working in the web design and development community.

The Organizers: Molly E Holzschlag and Matthew Munsey

The Day: Thursday, April 17th

The Time: 5:00pm – 8:30pm

The Location: Trident Bar and Grill, 2033 E Speedway, just east of Buffalo Exchange.

The Info: Very laid back and free form, the meet-up does not have a set schedule or agenda, so come and go as you please. It is intended to give local web designers and developers a chance to meet, discuss ideas, and share. Topics will generally range from web standards and best practices to emerging web technologies and techniques. But most of all it is a chance to get together, have some fun, drink some beers, and let your inner nerd out! So come and join us for a good time!

Added by mollydotcom on April 9, 2008



Bit far. Might have to skip this one. ;)


Noooooo - I'm not allowed to miss a pub standards.........


Well if Tuscon can do Pub Standards, it's time for Boston to do the same.


First Tucson, then Boston, then the WORLD!


Uh, Matt, we got the world. The majority of people "watching" the two of us try and pull this off are Brits! At least they'll empathize with the fact that it's very difficult to pull Tucson people INTO a pub when it's gorgeous and sunny and not pissing down outside...


I know. I know. I just couldn't resist saying it. There is a reason they are called "Pub Standards" and not "Bar Standards".