31 Gresse Street, Fitzrovia
London, England W1T 1QS

Its Pub Standards baby!! Same time and same place.

Last.FM's loss is thankfully our gain as now you all have no excuses not to turn up. Of course any last.FM people who still want a celebration are more than welcome!

If you want in to Jerusalem afterwards leave a comment below, I can get in touch with the manager and get us on the guest list :> If your names not down you do still get in but for the princely sum of £3!!!

Added by theCSSdiv on June 29, 2007



Add me to the guest list. You know I'll be there 'til the bitter end.



I'm going to be in fucking belgium!


Sorry about Belgium - but that's just the way it is!


And of course, I will be going to Jeruselem...but we really should find a better place to go after hours.


Of course I'll be there.


I'll be there. Is there any chance an end time could be put on this event? Would make it easier to manage in calendar apps...


I'll do my best to be there as I'll be in London for a Press Screening of the new Pixar film Ratatouille. :) So yeah if you could put me on the list that would be great! :D


Change of plan - I'm going up t'North (Leeds/Manchester) next week so will have to give this one a miss.


Q: "whats [sic] this?"

A: Spam.

So I'll be there with my tail between my legs, having added the event for the failed Last.FM party.


Anyone know what time the crowd normally leaves the pub to head to the club? :)


@darren - whenever it is that the Bricklayer's throws us out / gets fed up with us on their doorstep.


just to confirm that the guest list has now been finalised so anyone who didn't add their name to the list I send round on the mailer will have to pay if they want in to Jerusalem.

The pub is, of course, free!