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Pub Standards is a monthly event for web-folk, and involves little more than going to the pub. It's kind of like a social meet-up after a conference or workshop, only without the conference or workshop bit.

Official Website: http://www.pubstandards.co.uk/2006/11/03/9th-november-ps-ix-the-winter-warmer/

Added by danwrong on November 3, 2006



IX, my ass


I'll be tagging my flickr photos as "Pub Standards XII" and be damned to your crazy numbering schemes.


so is the Stenhouse method based on reverse numbering?

That would make more sense actually. But what happens when we get to 0.....


The Stenhouse method is based upon the number of comments the previous event got on the PS website. Utter nonsense.


Piffle! Balderdash!